Unusual – Usual

I’m a bit disappointed that The Binky Tree I discovered years ago is not unusual at all. It is just one of hundreds of “Pacificer Trees” all around Denmark. Gone is the bemusement, the wondering, the rare discovery of something new and unusual. I have cycled all over Denmark for many years and have walked through countless cities, towns and parks and I wonder why I have never come across a Pacifier Tree other than the one on Thurø.

The Pacifier Tree on Thurø is in such an isolated, out-of the-way spot – which made it all the more fun to come upon. I wonder if other places in Denmark that I cherish as unusual are also usual. Probably, but that’s okay as long as the herring are still really, truly smoked on Bornholm.


About Kristiana Nielsen

Writer, weaver, educator, gardener, Native Plant Steward, artist... with a passion for the country of Denmark and for the Pacific Northwest... and a passion for weaving with found materials.
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